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Aluminum Casting

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Aluminum Alloys poured include:


       356 | A356 (T6)





Aluminum Melting Capabilities Include: 

7 Electric Resistance Furnaces - 2400 lb Capacity / EA

1 Natural Gas Fired Furnace - 600 lb Capacity

2 Metal-Flux Degassing Rigs

Brass & Bronze Casting 


Alloys Poured include:

    836 Lead Free Brass (89833 and/or 89836)

    956 Silicon Bronze

    848 Lead Free Brass

    954 Aluminum Bronze

    955 Aluminum Bronze

    801 Pure Copper

   We can furnish a full alloy list upon request.

​Melting Capabilities Include:

3 Lift Swing Induction Furnaces 

2 Tilt-Up Induction Brass Furnaces 

Disa Green Sand Molding


Overall, our automated green sand processes allows for a wide range of volumes - from prototypes to 50,000+ eau's. 

Our latest Automated Molding system includes a 20 X 24 Disa molding line. This horizontal molding technology is seriously fast and helps our customers obtain maximum efficiencies to go with economical tooling costs. 

Overall, our automated green sand processes allows for a wide range of volumes - from prototypes to 50,000+ eau's. 

Automated Palmer Air Set 

Airset Line 2020.png

Our automated Air Set line delivers Real Value when it comes to the complex and the larger-scale casting profiles. Here on the Palmer line we are able to utilize complex core and gating systems to meet the needs of the most complex  casting design as well as larger castings that can range up to 400 lbs. Whether it's prototyping or thousands of castings.

Our automated Air Set adds a major versatility factor to our casting capability profile.

Complete Pattern Shop


Fully equipped pattern shop

Journeyman pattern makers

Collaboration with your engineers

Casting Design Consultation

Green Sand, Air Set patterns, Core Boxes

Low cost gating, rigging, & converting of tools

Prototyping, short-run, and production tools.

3-D printed tooling and molding

Secure & fire proof pattern library.

Efficient pattern racking storage

Full CNC

Machine Shop


Machine Shop includes:​

12,000 Sq Ft In-house Facility

25+ Vertical, Horizontal  Machining Centers and Turning Center

2 CNC Ziess Contura CMM's

​Automated Tool Crib​

(5) Two Ton Cranes

Proven AIAG Compliant Validation Services Visual Inspection of all Castings

Cellular Manufacturing 

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