75 years* and four family generations later, our facilities and capabilities have been built around one underlying principle; To maximize our value of operating fast, efficiently, and problem-free to our customers in Aluminum, Bronze & Brass Casting Alloys.
These strengths have defined Berntsen since 1946.
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From tool-build services to fully finished Machined & Leak-tested castings, Berntsen Foundry can control your project in-house with responsive and quality minded value  - assuring our customers of a Real-Value casting supply chain. 

Our Veteran Foundry Men and Women are dedicated to providing world-class contract casting and/or machining services by utilizing modern equipment, foundry methods, and defined objectives for Total Quality.

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Testament to our Casting Culture

"I will just say that they took a fairly complicated compressor housing casting that is a key component on one of our turbo-chargers and solved some real quality issues we were having with a foundry out in Ohio. They built the pattern and produced good castings from the beginning. Our machine shop is happier than ever and scrap is virtually non-existent. They've done a number of other castings for us since then and I would highly recommend their organization." - Purchasing Manager